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Pricing guide for foiled wedding invitations

It is very hard to establish a 'one-fits-all' guide for how much your hot foil wedding invitations will cost. This is because there are so many variables that all result in a different price. This can include the type of paper you choose, the quantity you order, whether you choose to go for bespoke or semi-custom wedding invitations. To understand this more fully, I have outlined a few key points below to help you grasp the costings involved and why they may seem expensive. 

The printing process


Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of hot foil printing, I thought I would outline why this method is my preferred option for wedding invitations. First and foremost, hot foil printing is as luxurious as it gets, which is what makes it perfect for your special day. Although it’s more expensive than your typical print run, the foil effect conveys a sense of luxe and extravagance that cannot be compared to your average digitally printed stationery. It has a tactile, shimmering effect that immediately elevates any wedding invitation design.  


In answer to the 'Why does hot foil printing cost more?', I'll say this...

The foil press that I use requires each individual wedding invitation to be hand-pressed one at a time. Before you can begin pressing each individual invite, you need to make sure everything is aligned correctly. This involves running test prints and measuring, to the last millimetre, the spacing around the design and the edge of the paper. You do not want a wonky, off-centre wedding invitation! This involves using extra paper and foil in order to test and your stationer will need to account for this in their pricing.


It is a very time-consuming process and it really takes a certain type of person to enjoy running hundreds of invitations through a hot foil press. I personally find it very soothing but it is also quite a laborious task. As the saying goes, 'time is money' and therefore you will need to remember that you are paying for the luxury of this handcrafted process. It isn't just a case of pressing 'print' and watching a machine do all the work. Hot foil printing is a very physical art form, and I feel a deep connection to each invite I print on my press.

The materials used for foil printing are also considerably more expensive. The paper is often a lot thicker, which costs more and it also requires a metal plate. The metal plate features the design on it and this is known as a hot foil die. The cost of the hot foil die varies depending on the size of the print area but it is quite a considerable fee and is one of the main reasons why hot foil printing is more expensive than digital. If you would like to read more about this, please refer to the foil printing page on my site. 

When it comes to deciding whether to go down the foil print route, I guess you need to weigh up your priorities when it comes to your wedding stationery. Are you willing to pay the extra pennies for an undoubtedly superior end result that really wows your guests? 

Floral hot foil printed wedding invitation with purple envelopes
Hot foil printed wedding invitation with pink colour theme
Traditional hot foil wedding invitation with pink and lilac envelopes

I know it is important for budgeting purposes that you have a rough guide on how much everything costs. I have therefore provided a list of approximate, per unit prices based on a quantity of 100


Bespoke Design Fee — £3 5 0 . 0 0

Semi-Custom Design Fee — £75 . 0 0

Save the Date Cards — £ 3 . 0 0

Wedding Invitations — £4 . 0 0

Details Cards — £2 . 0 0

RSVP Cards — £3 . 0 0

These prices include my 'house' paper and accompanying 'house' envelopes. 


A rough guide to hot foil printing costs


Have you been convinced by hot foil printing?

If you have made your mind up and decided to go down the hot foil printed route, here is a brief guide indicating what to expect from the process. When choosing to work with Me&You for your stationery, you're signing up for a stress-free route to creating some beautiful invitations for your wedding.







about a semi-custom design
to get the ball rolling


receive a design proposal
with an itemised budget


receive a digital copy of your personalised designs 


check spellings and make sure you're happy with everything


your designs will be hand-printed by Danielle

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