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5 Reasons why a micro wedding isn’t such a bad idea

Since covid-19 came into our lives the government guidelines have limited the guest count at weddings meaning that weddings, as we know them, aren't able to take place. This means that the big wedding day you have planned for may need to be rescheduled or reduced in size. These rules are likely to persist until the new year so before you decide to cancel everything, I have a few positive thoughts that may make you see why a micro wedding could be a viable option.

  1. One major bonus to a micro wedding is the cost. As the numbers are limited to 15 people you will not have to fork out hundreds of pounds to feed 80+ guests at the wedding reception. You won’t need all those centrepieces that you planned because there won’t be as many tables to decorate. The cost therefore naturally goes down leaving you with options to spend your money elsewhere, like on a honeymoon or on extra-special wedding favours that will allow you to create an unforgettable guest experience.

  2. With fewer guests, the stress and panic also subsides allowing you to focus on yourselves more. You won’t need to spend hours working the room, having polite conversations with everyone you invited. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and chat to your 15 guests properly. The focus is brought back to you and your partner and you are able to take everything in properly because it won’t be so overwhelming.

  3. A smaller wedding does not mean it needs to be less memorable. In many ways, the reduced numbers can allow you to be more creative and you can splurge on certain elements that are most important to you, like the food or booze.

  4. Choosing a venue can also be quite exciting because smaller weddings can take place in more intimate and unique spaces, that are inaccessible to large numbers of people. As an example, you could get married on a beach or in beautiful woodland. Most venues that specialise in micro weddings have the option of exclusive-multi-day-hire which means that you could hire the place for a weekend to extend your celebrations. This will also give you the freedom to transform the venue to create the perfect look and feel you both dreamed of.

  5. Finally, for those who fear the thought of being in the spotlight, a micro wedding is the perfect opportunity to avoid hundreds of eyes being on you as you say ‘I do’! Limiting to 15 people will likely mean that the people you feel most comfortable around will be the only ones watching. You can relax and enjoy yourselves without worrying about everyone watching.

If you are unfortunately facing the possibility of your wedding being effected by covid-19 - take a breath and make your decision on whether to postpone or shrink the guest list, after you have looked into all your options.

I’d be happy to help any couples currently facing this difficult situation so feel free to send me an email or a DM on Instagram. I am here to help!



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