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Christmas has arrived at Me&You

I am delighted to share with you my new Christmas card collection. Each card has been designed and hand-printed by myself, on my lovely new foil press machine. I've been so excited to launch this collection because it is the first in a series of greetings cards that I plan to launch in the new year.

The theme behind all my cards revolves around joining two relatable things together with the use of an ampersand - the little '&' symbol you'll see featured in my brand name. I've worked hard (with a bit of help from my other half) to try and come up with relatable items, memories or funny sayings that correspond with Christmas. I'd love to hear what you all associate with Christmas and what cards you resonate with the most.

I know that Christmas may be a little different this year but it doesn't mean it is cancelled. If you'd like to order any Christmas cards, please click here to check out my Etsy shop.

Let me know your Christmas memories and I may be able to make them into Christmas cards next year.

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