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Inspiration: The Bold Collection

When I started creating designs for my semi-custom collection, I was heavily inspired by bold typographical posters. I have always been a great admirer of graphic artists such as Anthony Burrill and Alan Kitching. I find the bold way in which both of these designers use language and play with typography exciting!

I admire these designers not only because of their amazing work, but also because they are advocates and leaders in an ‘almost’ forgotten technique; letterpress printing (more on that in another blog post). Anthony Burrill has a knack for simplicity, creating powerful and positive messages that really pack a punch. Burrill often collaborates with a multitude of creatives across various disciplines, consistently pushing letterpress printing into new territories.

Similarly, Alan Kitching is one of the world’s leading practitioners of letterpress typographic design and printmaking, and is renowned for his expressive use of wood and metal letterforms. It is thanks to creatives like these, keeping the art of letterpress alive, that is allowing typography to be given the passion and respect that it deserves within the visual arts.

Trying to incorporate the same bold and simplistic style into a wedding invite proved quite tricky at first. However, once I had found the right font, the design soon started to come together. It was important to find the right balance between bold and striking typography, whilst also considering the romantic side of a wedding invitation. It is through white space that I have managed to obtain a level of calm against the boldness of the font.

Colour also plays a huge role in making this invite more or less ‘romantic’, but it is important to note that this style of invitation is not intended to be delicate. It is designed to make an impact and excite your guests. The bolder the better with this design, in my opinion.

The examples above demonstrate the fun and vibrant wedding this suite would be perfect for. I love the vibrant florals used in the bouquet and the fun colourful balls being hung from the ceiling. You can also incorporate colour into your wedding by choosing a brightly coloured for your bridesmaid dresses - how fun do these orange dresses look!

If this is the wedding you have in mind and would love a bold and adventurous invitation to go with it, get in touch and we can talk colour schemes and wording.



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