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Inspiration: The Floral Garden Collection

As the name of this collection suggests, this wedding stationery suite has been inspired by flower gardens. Whilst I was designing, I was thinking about a scene from the film ‘The Secret Garden’, where the young children are playing amongst the flowers and greenery. My sister and I would always watch that film when we were younger and I’m happy that its gardens have inspired me now.

When my sister and I were growing up, our parents would also take us on day trips to country homes and mansions. Whilst visiting, we would always spend a lot of time exploring the gardens adjacent to these beautiful homes. I think, at the time, my sister and I were more interested in running around than admiring the flowers, but as I have grown older, I have come to appreciate the care and attention that goes into these vast spaces.

The flowers I chose to feature in the illustrations all have an element of wildness to them. I didn’t want perfect flowers, I wanted ones that looked like they may grow in a secret garden or woodland. I’m not a flower expert, so I don’t actually know what flowers are featured, or where they are grown, I made my choice by selecting ones I thought looked a bit organic.

When it came to choosing the typography for this suite, I had a lot of fun. I decided on pairing a beautiful script font with a sans serif in order to soften everything. Finding the right script font was important because it needed to have a handwritten feel without being too fancy. What I love about the font I chose is the long extending ‘t’’s and the loops on the tall letters - they almost remind me of flower stems, which is one of the reasons why I chose this particular typeface.

As with all my stationery suites, colour choices are interchangeable depending on the theme of your wedding. However, initially I was inspired by greenery with pops of colour so I chose to photograph this suite with some lovely green envelopes from Magna Papers using the details card to add a pop of pale pink.

The garden in ‘The Secret Garden’ film brings new life to the children who are living in that depressing manner. I think flowers have the power to bring happiness and joy to everyone and that is the main reason why I decided to produce this suite.



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