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Love is in the air! The Valentine's Collection is finally here!

When I began thinking about designs for greeting cards I really wanted to create a consistent theme that could run across all occasions. I decided to use the ampersand (&) within my brand name to tie two things together and this was a great way to keep things consistent, but also relatable to each occasion.

For the Valentine’s collection, I have chosen words and phrases that are regularly related to love and happiness and paired these with lovely illustrations. My favourite illustration on this collection is the little pocket watch on the ‘Time Flies & Love Soars’ design.

Each card has been designed and hand-printed by myself, on my foil press, using luxury cardstock and gold foil. I work closely with an envelope supplier who produces high quality envelopes and I have chosen a variety of pink shades for this collection.

If you'd like to order any Valentine’s cards, please click here to check out my Etsy shop.



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