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Thank You cards are now available to purchase!

I thought it was about time I produced a ‘Thank You’ card collection because it is so important to thank those who mean a lot to us or who have provided a service that deserves recognition.

I really enjoy sending and receiving thank you cards, so it was important to me that these were part of my offering. For this series I had a think about the common things we are often thankful for and created cards that would accommodate those themes.

One of my favourite designs in this collection is the ‘Thank You & Farewell’ card because I love the illustration of a rainbow that I have used to accompany the wording. I also like the ‘Thank You & Good Luck’ card because the little four leaf clover is very cute.

As with my previous card collections, I have used the ampersand (&) throughout the series, keeping things consistent and tied to my brand name. Thinking of two things that both relate to giving thanks was quite tricky because I also needed to make sure that whatever I chose was also interchangeable to cater to a variety of thankful situations.

I print all the cards by hand using my lovely foil press and I make sure to source luxury cardstock and gold foil for each job. For the envelopes, I have used a mixture of colours to coincide with the mood of each individual card, all supplied by a great envelope supplier.

Whilst creating this series, it made me think about the things that I have to be thankful for. Recently I’ve been very thankful for the ability to video call my family. It has allowed me to see their faces on a regular basis, through the power of technology. If we were all forced into a lockdown without video messaging, I think I would have found it a lot harder. Perhaps I should send a thank you card to Zoom or WhatsApp for keeping my family and I connected through this difficult time #covid.

Have you thought about what you have to be thankful for recently? If it is something that requires you sending a message to a loved one, head to my Etsy shop to check out all the ‘Thank You’ cards that are on offer.



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