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Our Story


Katy is a real southerner, loyal, brave and stubborn. She was raised in Sutton before moving to Bexley, where the two of us now live together. We met on a night out in Soho, in the toilet queue and we stayed up messaging until 6am the next morning. She was and still is the coolest person I know! Katy worked as a Pawnbroker when we met and for many years I’ve cashed in on the cheap designer handbags. We had our first date in Waxy O’Connors and I did not stop talking from the nerves, we ate pizza and it’s still our favourite food.

Travelling with Katy is always fun, trips to Brighton drinking beer and eating Tofish and chips on the beach. Climbing pyramids and drinking tequila in Mexico City. After travelling the world and surviving covid, we lived in Streatham, London where Katy was sworn in as a Police Officer in January 2022 and I am so incredibly proud of her.

Katy proposed to me in Devon, in the summer of 2021 in a beautiful beer garden. I was so shocked and happy but a little pissed off that she beat me to it, as I had a ring at home for Katy and was planning to propose a few weeks later.

I’m so excited to marry the love of my life and cannot wait for the adventures we’ll share!


Jacq is a northern lass from Leeds who moved to London in 2014 to study Acting at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. After meeting in a bar in Soho during a night out, we knew we wanted to be in eachothers lives. Jacq was working in hospitality at the time in Shoreditch, which is where our fun dates began, exploring all the local vegan restaurants. Jacq works for a Social Work Charity now and I couldn't be more proud of her, working so hard to make a difference.


I love exploring different places with Jacq, feeding Elephants in Thailand, wandering around Rome and of course drinking lots of red wine. 


Proposing to Jacq was the most nervous I had ever been, and it was the best and most exciting moment in my life. I'm also really happy I beat her to it! I can't wait for our big day and the rest of our lives together.


After five years together, we are so excited to share our wedding day with you and have a proper knees up, in a cracking London pub!


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